Josefina F. Moran is a portrait and fine art photographer. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently she lives in Brooklyn NY but her work often takes her back to her native Buenos Aires). She uses portraiture as a way to discover the identity of the people she photographs. In her work, she explores intimate relationships, as she does in Tati, a series of portraits of her mother. In Adolescent Girls and Portraits and Identity her portraits aim to capture teenage girls at pivotal moments in their lives. Her work has been exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions such as the Latin American Fine Art Competition, Agora Gallery (New York), the Consulate of Argentina (New York), and Umbrella Arts (New York). She was among the selected winners of The Photo Review in 2019 and 2020. She was also one of the recipients of the En Foco Fellowship in 2020. 

She taught photography in her native Buenos Aires and worked with photographer Harvey Stein to teach workshops during the celebration of Carnaval in Argentina.

Before becoming a photographer Josefina had a successful career as a makeup artist. She worked with artist Cindy Sherman in her feature film Office Killer as well as with top directors and production companies in Buenos Aires.

Awards and Fellowships.

2020 En Foco Fellowship. 

2020 Selected winner The Photo Review.

2019 Selected winner The Photo Review.

2019 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards.

2018 The Latin American Fine Art Competition.

Solo Exhibitions.

2021 Consulate of Argentina in NYC.

2015 Umbrella Arts NYC.

2014 Spy Pond Photo Space Northern Ireland.

Group Exhibitions.

2020 En Foco Fellows online exhibition.

2019 East Village Art View, New York City.

2019 A Smith Gallery Johnson City, Texas.

2019 Mid West Center for Photography,Wichita Kansas.

2019 Black Box Gallery Portland Oregon.

2019 LAPhotocurator.

2019 F STOP Magazine Online exhibition.

2019 Photo Place Gallery  Middlebury,Vermont.

2018 The Latin American Fine Art Competition. Agora Gallery NYC.

2018 Spy Pond Photo Space Northern Ireland.

2018 Connections Four Visions  Umbrella Arts NYC.

2018 Let there be Light and Shadow Umbrella Arts NYC.

2017 F- Stop Magazine Online Exhibition. 

2016 F-Stop Magazine Online exhibition.

2010 Nano Festival de Fotografia. Buenos Aires.

2009 A photograph of New Jersey. 

2008 Prix de la Photographie de Paris, Honorable Mention. 

1999 Espacio La Catedral. Buenos Aires.

1998 Buenos Aires Biennal. Buenos Aires.


2020 Nueva Luz Photographic journal.


2020 The Photo Review.

2019 The Photo Review.

2019 Don't Take Pictures.

2015 Musee Magazine.

2009 The Photo Review.

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