I offer live, interactive, photography classes to people in NYC and  around the world. These classes can be taken in spanish or in english. They are small groups of up to 6 students. I also do private one on one meetings. We will meet in person or online via zoom.

Upcoming Classes. To register or inquire about any of the classes below send me an email josefinafmoran@gmail.com

Portrait workshop.

In this 3 hour class we will look at the different ways we can create a compelling portrait.

Deciding who is our subject, how to approach a stranger, what kind of light do we want to create? All of this questions will be discussed during the workshop.

We will look at different portrait  photographers and learn to identify what makes a great portrait.

Lightroom for beginners.

Class duration 3 hours.

In this 3 hour workshop students will learn the fundamentals of Lightroom.This course will take the beginner Lightroom user to an advanced level in no time.

You will be able to organize and process your files with ease and reorganize any pictures you may have already imported in an easy to manage system.

Post-processing is an essential skill for keen enthusiasts or anyone looking to make photography their profession.

This class meets via zoom.

Learning to look at your photographs.

Are you trying to decide what you want to photograph? Do you feel you have not quite identified  what you want to express?

In this 4 week class, we will start by looking at your work as a way to recognize what you want to express and use it as a starting point to begin a photographic project. Through class discussions, looking at other photographers work and editing your own work, we will be able to find your strenghts  and weaknesses and help you start your photographic project.

We meet via zoom.


I recommend Josefina wholeheartedly.  She is extremely savvy about teaching Lightroom and Photoshop techniques as well as organizing files.  She methodically simplified and resolved issues with my very disorderly
catalog with the patience of a saint
.  Susan Schiffer, former student.

I worked with Josefina through many one on one sessions and she was very knowledgeable about Lightroom and Photoshop. She is patient and committed. I highly recommend her. Fran Miskin, former student.

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